Reboot - Spring 2016

I haven't had an honest portfolio site in years. I've had this domain for more than a decade, but it atrophied about ten years ago when my successful creation of an OpenGL-based game engine and level editor in Visual Basic 6, complete with its own scripting language that I took a week off work to build, resulted in a set of tools that was in no way going to allow me to conquer the world via game development (anybody who's done so is now laughing at me, I hope). So I took some time off.

Then in 2012, I decided to get back into game development and learn some new tricks, something maybe a little more suitable to an indie who knew a lot about web programming and computer science, but honestly not enough about C++. I've played with GameMaker and Unity plenty since then, and my background in computer science has earned me a teaching position at the school where I just picked up my Associates in Game Development.

I work with some of the most dedicated and talented people I've ever worked with at OverHook Games. I know everybody says that about their team, and, well, that's good. People should work with folks who keep them challenged and keep them going. That's what I've got, and here in the Midwest, a solid team is beyond precious. 

I make games. I make things that are game-like. I do things just to see if I can do them. I dream of working on something extraordinary and large, and I dream of creating my own stuff and seeing it go out into the world and give people good times they like to remember. Thanks for stopping by. Wish me luck at @stevethesmith.